Razy Gogonea


Razy Gogonea was the dance sensation of Britain’s Got Talent, 2011. His unique style sets him apart from all the other dance acts of previous years. Razy brings something fresh and new to the world of body-popping, combining traditional moves and techniques with his own carefully choreographed routine, utilizing every inch of the stage. He will literally throw himself from one end of the dance floor to the other, and then run back at lightning speed.... on his knees!! And of course there’s his awesome Matrix inspired moves. Razy brings to life the sensational bullet dodging scenes from the movie. Keanu Reeves needed special effects. Razy just needs a beat to move to. His first audition on BGT had the whole world talking about his acrobatics. After just a week he had over four million hits on Youtube and even the official Matrix website acknowledged his amazing ability.

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